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Name : Nur Lyana Farina binti Abu Bakar
Birth Date : 20/1/1997
From : Pulau Pinang
Email : miralyana97@gmail.com
Life Quote : Be Good Do Good

Name : Liyana Khalidah Binti Ramlan
Birth Date : 27/09/1997
From : Gombak, Selangor.
Email : liyanakhalidah@yahoo.com
Life Quote : The more you give up, the more you can't do. No matter how difficult something is, always be positive

Name : Azimah Binti Azizan
Birth date : 14/01/1997
From : Kangar, Perlis
Email : azimahazizan@yahoo.com
Life Quote : Believing in yourself, because you're the one who can do it.

Name : Zaihirah binti Zainuddin
Birth Date : 5/11/1997
Email : zaihirahzainuddin97@gmail.com
Life Quote : Good things come to those who wait

Name : Nurin Aqilah binti Amran
Birth Date : 9/01/1999
From : Melaka
Email : famizanur@gmail.com
Life Quote : Do what makes you happy. For me, it's travel

Name : Siti Aida Farhan Binti Mohamood
Birth Date : 25/11/1996
From : Kelantan
Email : aidafarhan96@gmail.com
Life Quote : Waktu adalah Ilmu dan Ilmu adalah Cahaya